CRMS/MS-ESE Worshops 2017 Success!

Posted on Jun 7, 2017 by Anna Porretta

The Workshop brought together leading MS researchers to explore the technical and scientific frontiers of mass spectrometry, within a broad range of applications. The workshop exposed MS-ESE trainees to MS enabled research in industry, allowing for the translation of technical, intellectual and interpersonal skills to industrial research. This workshop was set up for the trainees of the Mass Spectrometry Enabled Science and Engineering (MS-ESE) program under the umbrella of the Centre for Research in Mass Spectrometry (CRMS) at York, funded by the prestigious NSERC CREATE grant.  

Following a similar program consisting of talks and a panel period, the Workshop featured speakers and attendees from MS-ESE’s seven industrial partnerships as well as other companies. The contrast in discussion topics gave the trainees a look at both sides of the coin, and greater insight into the mass-spectrometry-focused world outside of academics.

The 2016 workshop was a great success as students from York University, University of Toronto and Waterloo University were in attendance, offering up opportunities to network amongst their peers and with potential future supervisors working on the cutting edge of mass spectrometry.