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Mass Spectrometry has rapidly matured as an analytical technique over the last two decades. One of the features of this maturation has been a transfer of instrument-development research from academia to industry, and a concomitant explosion of industrial players in the mass spectrometry business. There are presently more than 10 major vendors of MS instrumentation including science instrument giants Agilent, Thermo/Finnigan, Shimadzu, Waters and ABSciex among others, resulting in intensified competition and shortened product upgrade cycles. Academic research has shifted in focus toward applications, closely linked with industrial partners who are eager to showcase the scientific advances that their new technologies facilitate. As a unit with internationally-recognized strengths in both applications and instrument development, CRMS generates highly-impactful research in this new and fast-evolving environment. CRMS' increased focus on bioanalytical applications coincides with a fundamental shift in the pharmaceuticals industry towards protein-based drugs, a change for which bioanalytical mass spectrometry will provide the analytical foundation.